Logistics Management

    • Rail Transport

       TexPar’s transloading facilities offer non-rail equipped customers the cost-savings advantages of rail transportation.

    • Logistics Division

       The TexPar logistics department performs an extensive variety of functions, and is involved in the vast majority of TexPar’s day to day operations.

    • Highway & Waterway

       TexPar can deliver the required amount of product when and where it’s needed, throughout North America.

No customer or supply source is beyond the transport service capability of TexPar Energy. Through its own strategically located inventory sites, along with the interstate highway system, the inland waterways and its own fleet of railroad cars, TexPar has created a distribution network designed to plan, implement and control the efficient movement of products for our customers. This network is supported by TexPar’s fleet of rail cars, common carrier truck lines and barge companies to assure timely and cost-effective transportation services.

The TexPar Logistics Department is responsible for a broad array of functions and services, the most recognizable being the management of product shipments.   TexPar’s logistics group coordinates the movement of these products by understanding and balancing important elements such as:

  • Supply and demand
  • Product cost, specifications, and availability
  • Freight costs, and transit times
  • Loading and unloading requirements and schedules
  • Position and movements of all loaded shipments as well as empty railcars
  • Forecasts for future supply and demand