Logistics Division

TexPar Energy Logistics Division

The Logistics Department relies on customized software tools and years of experience and expertise to deliver quality service for our customers.  The relationships with railroad personnel, tank car companies, common carriers, barge operators, and transload facilities across the US and Canada allow the logistics group to negotiate competitive freight options from a variety of sources.  The multitude of distribution channels allows TexPar to provide more options for end users, reducing their costs, and giving TexPar a competitive advantage.

In addition to scheduling and monitoring shipments, the logistics department provides personalized customer service functions, designed and executed to meet the individual needs of suppliers, customers, sales staff, transportation providers, and other personnel within TexPar. The logistics department provides this information in the following forms:


  • Communication of shipping schedules to refineries and customers
  • Customized reporting of shipments and order statuses for sales staff and customers
  • Product quality reports to assist with compliance reporting requirements and environmental standards
  • Collection and retention of product samples for future analysis
  • Tank blending of products to meet customers’ critical specification requirements
  • Inventory management and just-in-time replenishment

The logistics department also performs the administrative duties associated with the aforementioned functions.  These tasks include:

  • Creating, collecting, and distributing waybills and other shipping documentation
  • Processing all purchases and orders
  • Customizing invoices to individual customer preferences
  • Preparing NAFTA and Customs documentation for shipments in and out of Canada
  • Creating and distributing Certificate of Analysis forms