• Residual Fuel Oil

       TexPar Energy purchases residual fuel oil direct from refineries located throughout the United States and Canada.

    • Recycled Oils

       At our recycling facilities, used oil is tested, then filtered to remove particulates and treated to remove water, resulting in clean boiler fuel oil.

    • Crude

       TexPar Energy is actively involved in all aspects of crude oil operations: purchasing, marketing, transportation and sale of crude oil in both the U.S. and Canada.

    • Liquefied Natural Gas

       The demand for natural gas as a clean and effective source of energy continues to rise. For demand without access to a natural gas pipeline, LNG is a viable energy option.

    • Asphalt Flux & Vacuum Tower Bottoms (VTB)

       TexPar Energy, LLC has years of experience in the asphalt industry supplying asphalt flux and vacuum tower bottoms to meet a variety of customer needs.

    • Lighter Petroleum Products

       TexPar Energy partners with several industry leaders offering a full line of lighter petroleum products.

      • Hartland Fuel Products
      • Hartland Lubricants & Chemicals
      • Hartland Renewable Fuels
      • Consolidated Energy Company
      • Midwest Industrial Fuels

Petroleum Products

The scope of TexPar Energy’s product line is extensive:  from crude oil, residual fuel oil, and asphalt to liquefied natural gas and recycled oils.  TexPar Energy has expertise regarding all products used in the energy business.  Customer service is at the heart of TexPar, and we guarantee a quality product line.

The company has strong, long-term relationships with over 30 different refineries and producers located in both the U.S. and Canada.  As a result, TexPar is able to source products at the lowest possible cost for our customers.  Our diversity of supply plays an important role in providing our customers with supply security.  Efficient logistics is integral to providing economical energy on a timely basis and TexPar is proficient in moving petroleum products by rail, truck and barge as well as importing and exporting our products to both the U.S. and Canada.

TexPar Energy Management personnel offer customers in-depth technical understanding and established supply relationships. In addition, TexPar Energy delivers a comprehensive program of energy cost reductions, economic purchasing and efficient supply management to its customers.