Asphalt Flux & Vacuum Tower Bottoms (VTB)

TexPar Energy Asphalt Flux

TexPar Energy has years of experience in the asphalt industry supplying asphalt flux and vacuum tower bottoms to meet a variety of customer needs.  TexPar has a broad base of experience in the asphalt industry to draw from to help solve our customers’ sourcing and transportation issues.

Asphalt FluxAsphalt flux is refined from distilled petroleum and is the key ingredient in asphalt roofing shingles. Vacuum tower bottoms are the residue that remains after vacuum distillation; they may be further processed into brightstock lube oil, asphalt, and aromatic extracts.

As with the heavy fuel oil products, asphaltic oils and Vacuum Tower Bottoms require coiled and insulated rail cars for transport.  This type of car makes up about 85% of TexPar’s fleet, this allows flexibility when assigning cars to meet customers’ needs and to ensure that our products are transported safely and efficiently.