Residual Fuel Oil

texpar residual fuel oil

TexPar Energy purchases residual fuel oil directly from refineries located throughout the United States and Canada. Due to our extensive network of refinery contacts, we are able to source all grades of residual fuel oil, including marine-grade bunkers and land-grade heavy fuel oil for industrial uses. We work with our customers’ environmental and operating specifications to identify the best product for their needs.

In addition to the bunkers and heavy fuel oils, we can supply light cycle oils for blending operations, which allows our customers to tailor their products to their requirements.

residual fuel oil

These products are transported by rail, truck, and barge either directly to the end-user or into one or more of our terminal locations. TexPar Energy’s Logistics Department coordinates all aspects of the delivery process from the refinery flange to the customers’ tanks. The backbone of our logistics function is our extensive fleet of coiled and insulated jumbo tank cars that are monitored on a real-time basis using state of the art computerized tracking systems.

If a customer already has a source for his or her heavy fuel oil, but does not have rail cars to transport the product, we can provide the rail cars and logistics support to move the product. There are a variety of business models that can be used, including the following option: TexPar buys the product at the load point, assumes title and risk of loss and sells the product at the delivery point at the same price with the addition of transportation fees.