Recycling Solutions

TexPar Energy Recycling Solution

Used Oil Recycling Solutions

TexPar Energy brings years of experience to every used oil collection and recycling opportunity, providing customized and precise solutions for each individual scenario.  Samples are collected by field personnel trained in the handling of non-hazardous petroleum products.  The samples are then analyzed in TexPar Energy’s petroleum testing facility to ensure compliance with federal guidelines for non-hazardous recyclable fuels.  If necessary, TexPar Energy is equipped to assist in reducing foreign contaminants, and technical support is available to assist in loading of the material.

Value Added Recycling Services

Used Oil Filter Recycling – TexPar Energy is equipped to recycle used oil filters, offering an environmentally responsible solution for filter disposal.  Beyond recycling the filter itself, TexPar will recycle any remaining oil prior to compacting.  The filters are then sent to a metal smelting facility for metal recycling.

Wastewater Services – TexPar Energy’s Wastewater Service is a responsible solution for the disposal of petroleum contaminated water.  TexPar will analyze the wastewater for chemical contaminants, separate and recycle any petroleum, then store, treat, or dispose of the water.  TexPar Energy’s fleet of pump trucks and vacuum trucks collect wastewater and transport it to the wastewater treatment facility.