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TexPar Energy Used Oil Transportation

Used Oil Transportation Services

TexPar has a fleet of trucks dedicated to the collection of non-hazardous used oil. This fleet consists of vehicles ranging in capacity from 2,000 to 7,000 gallons including multi-compartment units as well as vacuum trucks. Used oil generators throughout the southeast United States have come to rely on TexPar’s efficient performance with service options that are customized to meet the customer’s individual requirements. The used oil is collected and transported to strategically located facilities where the product is analyzed, filtered to remove particulates, and then treated to drop out any water. The result is a clean, environmentally friendly alternative burner fuel. As a fully insured used oil recycler, TexPar collects and disposes of millions of gallons of non-hazardous used oil, tank bottoms, and oily sludge for customers throughout the United States. TexPar is committed to helping generators become more green while their bottom line stays in the black.